What Flooding Damage Can do to Your Home?

What Flooding Damage Can do to Your Home?

If you think that you have to live near a large body of water like a river or ocean to have flood damage, think again. Obviously, floods can be caused when an excessive amount rain causes levees to overflow or rivers to flood. In cold climates, water pipes can burst causing serious home flooding problems. Even something as simple as an overflowing toilet can cause major damage to your home if you can’t stop it quickly. So, everyone is at risk of flooding damage.

The most noticeable flood damage will be to your flooring. If you have carpet, you will need to call in a professional water damage company right away to remove the water and dry the carpet or it may be completely ruined. Hardwood floors can also be ruined if the water is not removed and the floors dried as quickly as possible. Your furniture and clothing can be damaged as well if the water reaches high enough levels.

The electrical system throughout your home can be seriously damaged or even completely destroyed if the flood is bad enough. This can be an extremely expensive problem to fix. Electronic items like televisions, computers, telephones and other electrical appliances like toasters, microwaves, refrigerators and other home appliances can be destroyed if the water level reaches them. If your garage is involved in the flooding, you may have damage to your car as well. Just consider that anything that inside your home can be damaged by flooding.

Once you have had the water removed and you have replaced personal items and all the contents of your home that were ruined, you may feel that you have completely recovered from the flood damage. However, one thing that many people forget to consider is that there may be structural damage to your home if the water levels were high enough and it was in your home for long enough. The structural damage can be several different forms including:

  • Damage to your homes foundation that you find out about later.
  • Damage to your roof that is not noticed at first. Roofs wear out and a heavy rain can cause them to not only leak but if a torrential rain comes and you have too many weak spots, your roof could come off.
  • Mold may not be noticed for quite a while after a home is flooded. Mold is caused by the moisture that can remain if your home is not properly dried out after a flood. This can grow in the walls, flooring and many other places. It can lead to serious health problems.

So, be aware of the different ways your home can be damaged by flooding, so that you can make sure your recovery is complete. The best advice is to hire professionals to help you  recover.

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