Kitchen Fire Safety – A few tips on how to stay safe

Kitchen Fire Safety – A few tips on how to stay safe

12 Step Kitchen fire Safety plan. The kitchen is one of the rooms in a home that is most susceptible to fire because oils in meats and the oils used for cooking. The danger is even magnified more if you have a gas stove. That is why it is so important to have a kitchen fire safety plan and puseadures that you will follow while cooking. The follow twelve tips, if followed, will help you stay safe in the kitchen and avoid most kitchen fire damage to your home.

1) Someone should stay in the kitchen at all times when you are cooking on the stove top or oven. Lets be honest, we have all started to cook some meat or start steaming some vegetables and then went to the bathroom and got caught up in a magazine article or sat down in front of the TV and forgot we we had something cooking on the stove. Then that notable rank smoky smell awakes us to the fact that we were away from the kitchen longer than we planed. As you sprint to the kitchen with a pounding heart the smell gets worse. Then when comes the moment of truth is it just smoke or has a fire started? If you are lucky its just a burnt pan. If your not so lucky you have a small fire on your hands. Which brings us to the second tip.

2) Always keep a good fire extinguisher in the kitchen area. Ideally the best place for this is not by the stove because if the stove is on fire you won’t be able to get to your fire extinguisher.    You also need to consider that type of fire extinguisher. For grease fires a dry chemical Class B extinguisher should get the job done. You can also look at a Class B CO2 extinguisher as well. Your best bet is to head over to your local home repair center and talk to a knowledge sales agent as to which extinguisher would be best for you.



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