How to keep your important documents safe in case of a fire!

How to keep your important documents safe in case of a fire!

It is always considered a good idea to plan in advance for events in ones life. This includes the great and not so great events that could happen in ones life. In this post we are focusing on the emergencies and accidents that sometimes happen and how to keep your important documents safe. For example, fires and flooding could happen in our home and destroy what we value most. After making sure our family is safe the second thing to consider is the important document and photo and that are critical to keep for legal or sentimental reasons. I fire or flood could destroy those documents in minutes if they are not taken care of and protected properly.

This can be done by taking some precautionary measures to minimize the risks associated with an emergency. This is why; all important documents require some special attention from the owners or the holders so as to avoid future losses.

Accidents sometimes lead to the sudden death of people. Natural accidents may demolish the whole house in no while. High and large waves from the oceans during the Tsunami may take all the necessary belongings of the people along with them. Cyclones and storms may cause electric failures in the wiring and it may lead to the fire in the house that may burn the whole house into ashes. In all such situations, will you be saving your life or will waste your time in looking for the important documents? Of course, no one would like to go through these situations. So, in order to keep the important documents safe, people can utilize the following options.

Organized documents and their place:

It is always considered to be very wise to keep the important documents together at one place. When these documents are organized in a well manner and are kept in a single position in the house, then it becomes easy for the people to take these important files along with them if needed.

In addition to this, it is considered to be essential to tell someone where your important documents have been placed? By doing so, it becomes easy for the people to manage these things as well during the time of emergencies.

Bank Safe Deposit Box:

Important documents like the insurance policies, property papers, corporation deeds and many other such types of the things can be kept in the safe deposit box available in the banks. and are provided with more security and safety in case of an emergency condition. So, one can keep the documents safe by keeping them in the bank vault.

Fireproof safe:

There has to be some place in the house as well where one can easily keep and store documents that are used more often. A fireproof safe comes out to be a very good option for keeping the documents safe and clean. One advantage of keeping the documents in the fireproof safes in the house is that people do not need to go to the banks again and again. This is especially true for documents that deal with the property and title documents. These fire proof safes turn out to be a good source for keeping the documents secure, because the good quality ones are fire and water proof. This means for a normal home fire you will not have to worry about loosing all your valuable documents and photos.

Online storage:

There are several online storage tools as well that offer a great service. These online services allow you to put your important documents in what is called the cloud, a virtual storage location that is secure and backed-up. If you have valuable photos, genealogy, legal documents, etc. this is another good option. The nice thing about cloud storage is that you can access it from just about anywhere you can get an internet connection. Besides working with a PC or Mac they also work with most devices such as iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android phones and tablets and more.  Below are just a few cloud storage solutions. NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list and we do not recommend one over the other. You should do your own research and find the one that best meets your needs.

DropBox, SkyDrive, Carbonite, Google Drive and Just Cloud. You can do a search to learn more about these services and find the one that is best for you. Some offer a free storage option for a limited amount of space. Its like a free trial that never ends as long as you don’t need more storage.


Be safe and plan for what could happen. We at Utah Disaster Restoration Services want you to be safe and confident that all your valuable information will not be destroyed if in the unlikely event there is a disaster such as a fire, flooding or earthquake.


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