How to Keep Your Christmas Safe from a Home Fire

How to Keep Your Christmas Safe from a Home Fire

This holiday season can be a beautiful, festive time, but the threat of house fires lingers around the holiday season. With the cold weather come many heaters, and many different household appliances that could easily start a roaring fire if left unchecked. Don’t let this happen to your household, and keep Christmas a fun, festive time this holiday season. This article will outline some of the major causes of house fires and how to prevent them this chilly season.

Christmas Lights

Believe it or not, the lights on your Christmas tree can easily cause a Christmas tree fire. The small bulbs can easily short out, causing a spark that can catch in the dry spines of the tree, and for some types of Christmas lights, a Christmas tree fire can be caused simply by the bulbs overheating. There are a few ways to combat this. By turning off your Christmas tree lights regularly, a home fire can be avoided since the bulbs have plenty of time to cool off before turning them back on. The second way to prevent a home fire this holiday season is to get a fireproof Christmas tree. These trees are usually fake, so for those of you that absolutely have to have a real tree, this may not be an option. The third option is to get LED bulbs. These types of bulbs often shine cooler and can be very helpful in preventing a home fire.


Heaters are absolutely necessary this holiday season, but they need to be placed carefully. Placing your Christmas tree too close to the heater can easily cause a house fire, and could cause injuries as well as ruining the whole Christmas season. Simply by placing your heaters more carefully around the house, house fires can be prevented in your household and your holiday season can be saved of having to deal with a disaster such as this.

Your Christmas lights and heaters can easily start a house fire if you’re not paying attention to them. Simply by following these few steps and ensuring that nothing will catch fire, your holiday season will go on without a hitch. Don’t be caught unaware, and make sure that this chilly season, your heaters and lights are correctly taken care of, or a disaster could easily strike in your home. Merry Christmas!

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