How to Get the Cigarette Smell Out

How to Get the Cigarette Smell Out

Nothing is worse than a bad odor. Disgustingly filthy smell of tobacco occupies every corner of your house whenever you forget to step out while smoking cigarette. Cigarette smell is sharply unpleasant and becomes a reason of embarrassment when surprisingly guests are standing at your door. Smoke smell doesn’t only stays in the air, but also seeps into your precious furniture. This nasty smell cannot be eradicated overnight, and requires a significant number of days and efforts to fade away. This smell spoils the ambiance and can be the reason for irritation to nonsmokers living with you. Mentioned below are a few tricks to get rid of cigarette smell.

Use of absorbent: Bowls of vinegar, baking soda or ammonia work as absorbents and take in smoke smell. Make sure to change the bowl’s contents at regular intervals. This process requires considerable time and effort, but is worth the time spent. Place these filled dishes in every corner of your house. This is a tedious but effective method to remove smoke smell from the environment.

Charcoal is also considered to be a good absorbent and thus used to solve this purpose. Several charcoal briquettes can be placed all over the house. Remember, charcoal might spoil your floor, be cautious while placing it.

Cleaning: Cleaning almost everything which smells unpleasant provides a great deal of relief. Wash ceiling, walls, floor, curtains, windows and mirrors with a suitable cleansing agent. Sprinkle a little baking soda or vinegar on furniture before vacuuming it off.

Provide ventilation: Give space to the bad odor to go out of the house and get replaced by fresh air. Open doors and windows and keep them open all the time.

Remove the remains: Remove all cigarette buds and tobacco residues from the house. Most of the smell you can sense spreads through these leftovers.

Use subtle fragrance: Using elusive room and fabric fresheners not only improves the ambiance, but also lifts up the mood of your housemates. Don’t be a parsimonious in using your branded, expensive perfumes for making it even better. Scented candles can also be used to lessen the intensity of odor.

Prevention is better than cure: It is always better to step out of home, rush to the balcony and open your doors or windows while smoking than to make your home smells like a smoking lounge. In other cases, furniture can be covered with something impermeable and walls can be coated with some primers or odor blockers before painting it with different hues.

In case of heavy smoke and smells, professionals should be called to solve the purpose.

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