What to do if you need emergency water removal from your home or business?

What to do if you need emergency water removal from your home or business?

If you have just experienced a major flood within your home and need emergency water removal, it is absolutely imperative that you get the water removed from your home as soon as possible. While you may have been able to remove valuable items from the surrounding water, there can be a severe impact that water damage can play on your home. Water a professional water cleanup service is imperative to restoring your home back to its original form and function and help to prevent any long term damage after a flood or water accident has occurred.

Water damage can mean a number of things in a home.

  • Mold: mold is something that can very quickly occur after water has seeped into your home. Any amount of moisture that has collected and stayed in one area for a long period of time will promote the growth of mold. Removing the moisture fully from the area that has been flooded is imperative to help reduce the chances of mold growing in these areas. Exposure to mold can severely aggravate allergies, asthma, and the overall health of your immune system. Mold can cause serious health problems and certain types of mold that form can even be extremely toxic to humans and pets within the home. With the help of a professional disaster cleanup service they will handle your emergency water removal by going to work for you to get rid of the water quickly and eliminate the chances of mold forming in areas that were flooded within your home.
  • Visual damage to your home:  Water damage can ruin your décor, leave water stains on your walls, warp hardwood floors and more. Getting water out of your home as fast as possible is very important to reducing the amount of visual damage that is done on your home. Homes with visible water damage can be a nightmare to resell and by reducing the amount of time that water is present in your home you can work to limit the amount of damage that it does inside your home.
  • Gray/Black water concerns: If the water that is in your house originated from an unclean source it means that it is teaming with bacteria and can cause you sickness. Depending on where the water originated from, the longer that the water is present in your home the more at risk that you could be for developing sickness. Blackwater may even be referred to as sewer water or extremely contaminated standing water that could be in your home causing unhealthy living conditions and odors that will be very difficult to get out unless you are able to remove the water very quickly.
  • Compromise construction: Standing water inside a house can put enormous pressure on the house structure as well as many of the supports within a home. Water is a variable that homes were not designed to hold and as a result you can incur damage to your floors, concrete foundation, carpets, drywall and more. Emergency water removal is required to ensure that your home can remain safe and structurally sound.

If you should ever require water cleanup service in an emergency please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or phone number. Immediate removal of the water should be your highest priority and trusting the professionals is the best way to ensure the minimal amount of damage after a disaster.

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